Pony Breeding

Polo pony breeding in La Violeta started in 2004 with the purchase of a herd of SPC mares (racing thoroughbred), that have an outstanding pedigree for polo. These mares were crossed with thoroughbred stallions (Titán, Forty Editado, and Power Inter) giving high-quality ponies with remarkable potential for polo game. Furthermore, high-level playing mares registered in the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association (AACCP) were also incorporated to the stud.

With the purpose of satisfying the needs of a demanding market and achieving genetic excellence, we introduced stallion service by Open Iluminado, Machitos Chelo, Dolfina Cuarteto, and Machitos Latinos, and offspring of mares from an excellent Argentine Polo origin, such as Ellerstina Portuaria (Lambada by Sol).

At La Violeta, we work with the objective of breeding polo ponies able to compete at the highest sports level within our country and worldwide. With that in mind, we have premises and personnel consistent with the requirements to obtain a product in the very best conditions.

Polo School

La Violeta Polo Club offers the possibility of taking polo lessons, both for beginners and seasoned players who want to improve their level. We provide premises and horses according to different levels of game. Classes can be delivered individually or in group, and they are designed according to the needs and objectives of the client.

Polo club

Together with polo pony breeding activities, La Violeta has its own polo club, which is member of the Argentine Polo Association (AAP). This club offers two polo fields, exercise tracks, stables, corrals, and tack rooms available for the associates. During the weekend, there are polo practice games at the premises of La Violeta.

Throughout the year, there are different tournaments aimed at promoting and fostering polo game. These create a sense of fellowship between clubs of the Argentine Mesopotamia. Within the official schedule of the Argentine Polo Association (AAP), we hold classificatory games for the Republic Cup and the Argentine Polo Championship with Handicap for the interior of the county.